Rosy, dans son appartement de Rio

Work : Songlines

Two-year relational wandering around the world on the priciple of concatenation. The pretext being to deliver messages written on pieces of newspaper to complete strangers. At the same time, epistolary chronicles of this journey sent to public figures in the art world. Textual, photographic and pictorial elements.

Location :

Various places, the world. ( twenty-nine countries. Africa, Australia, Asia, South America, Europe). 2008/2010.

Reference text :

Petite Ile, Reunion, September 10, 2008.

“As you arrive at this page, I am traveling around the world. Having left France in September 2008, I do not have a precise itinerary. I move around at random meetings, in accordance with the rules that I have set for the relational project: “The song of the slopes”. I rely on people with whom I sympathize to give me the address of my next stop: that of a relative to visit on their behalf. On arrival, more than just news, I deliver to this mysterious recipient all the messages that I was able to glean during the journey to him. On public transport, I ask my neighbors, my traveling companions, to send him a word or a drawing, scribbled in pen on small pieces of local newspaper, 50 cm / 50 cm format. Over the hours that stretch in the rhythmic reverie of the axles, our thoughts come together to materialize on this imaginary territory of a few square centimeters. Like us, they are all different, but all going in the same direction:
Towards the Unknown who always stands at the end of our trail and to whom, in memory of Bruce Chatwin, I dedicate these lines. »


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