Yann Dumoget was born in France in 1970. He currently lives and works in Montpellier. yann-dumoget



Yann Dumoget studied Fine Arts History and started out as a drummer in a rock and roll band. At that time, he made posters, record sleeves, stage settings and merchandising items.

In 1999 he decided to devote himself solely to Art. Whilst painting seemed to be suffering some degree of disfavor with the contemporary art lovers, he locked himself up in his workshop and successfully undertook the outstanding endeavor of painting one canvas per day for a whole year, that is to say 366 paintings for the year 2000. On these paintings, friends, family, artists or onlookers were invited to leave their impressions of the moment by writing with a black felt pen directly onto the canvas. This original exercise was to be named ‘’ graffitying’’ and was to be the essential aspect of his work.
In 2000, he settled in Berlin where he moved assiduously in the local ‘’szene’’ circles. He progressively abandoned the Art Centers and Galleries to concentrate on practical actions, of more modest means and ambition. In 2002, during Kassel’s Documenta 11, he was noticed with his ‘’doklomenta’’ in which he offered the visitors of the exhibition the possibility to leave their ‘’ graffitying’’ on paintings scattered in 11 toilets throughout the city, either on the spot or via the internet.
Back in France in 2004, he carried out numerous experiments up to 2008 for which the actual painting was only the initial part of the creation. In various situations, he sought the intervention of other people directly on the canvas using the same process again, to finish his paintings.
He then associated several other disciplines such as, photography, video and music to stage and document his ‘’ graffitying’’.

His ‘’Shared paintings’’ are at the core of an interactive system. In a globalized world which has many economical, scientific and identity-related questions to answer, this common space hopes to give an insight into the stakes of a symbolical ’’ being together’’.

In 2008, he started ‘’Le Chant des Pistes’’ (Songlines) an artistic journey around the world until 2010. During that time, he gave up painting altogether to give greater place to the relational and interactive aspect of his work.
It gave birth, amongst other things, to a presentation at the ‘’Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton’’ in 2011, named “Songlines/write up” on the occasion of the Exhibition ‘’Ailleurs’’ ( Somewhere else )