Work : Doklomenta.

This action gave visitors  of the Documenta 11 the opportunity to do graffiti on or to ‘graffiti ‘ the artist’s works behind the closed doors of 11 public toilets.

Simultaneously, a web site was created duplicating the graphic charter of the official website of the Documenta and a virtual copy of each painting was added to be modified at leisure with Graffiti (‘graffitied’) thanks to the Flash Interactive module created specifically for that purpose. Internet.

Intensive communication campaign around the Doklomenta project with posters, tracts, stickers.

Location : city of Cassel, Germany, from June to September 2002

The Doklomenta website is not online anymore. Some screen shots can be seen in the following portfolio :

This site is equipped with a module allowing to “graffize” online the virtual copies of the paintings presented in 2002 in Cassel. This is the first occurrence of software allowing virutle graffiti on the internet.


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