Civilization for sale

Work : Civilization for sale

Installation offering to sell the great names of Greek antiquity.

Location : Art center La Panacée, Montpellier, France, mai 2015.

Statement :

“For sale” and “for rent” labels are omnipresent on the streets of Athens. They are obvious. There isn’t a neighborhood where you don’t notice some stuck here and there. We find them in particular on the windows of empty stores, in the lobbies of buildings with vacant housing, on the windshields of cars whose owners regretfully part with them… The fact that they are standardized already says a lot about the depersonalization and the quasi industrialization of the thousands of human tragedies that we imagine behind each of them. For this installation having emptiness as its main theme, I wanted to associate them, not with real addresses, with places or objects sold at low prices, but with the great names of Greek antiquity as I have the feeling that this ancient culture, the cradle of our civilization, is today also “sold in pieces”.
The fact of presenting this installation in a French art center at a time when some of them are being forced to close for budgetary reasons obviously owes nothing to chance…

(Installation taking place in the proposal “Vide blindant”, at La Panacée, Montpellier, May 2015)

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