Blinding emptiness

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View of the exhibition « Global Snapshot », Panacée, Montpellier, May 2015. (Photo Marc Lafon).


Work : Blinding emptiness

Slideshow captioned striving to realize what has dissapeard. Daily projection of different images in the art center Panacée live from Athens.

Location : Athens, Greece / Montpellier, France, may 2015.

Statement :

Exarchia, Greece, May 15, 2015.

Each change of era has its disappearances.
When the invention of electricity set the nights of our cities alight, the stars stopped twinkling above our heads.
Then when cheap flights gave us access to a distant horizon, it was to discover the acculturation caused by our mass tourism.
Finally, when connected devices began to accompany our every move, our privacy was reduced accordingly, caught between the greed of merchants and the totalitarian interference of States.
In a comparable movement, in Greece, when the country was shaken by the great shift that we also call neoliberal globalization, when we resorted to the deadly bloodletting of the learned scholars of budgetary orthodoxy. When, in other words, the people were ransomed by international high finance, when it forced them into the new world economic order. So, there too, of course, what was there before was no more.
During my first stay, three years ago, change was already present in the urban environment even if the empty advertising panels kept it at bay like screens which, failing to feed our enslaved consumer imagination, still hid the misery which would soon come to light.
Since then, the debt hole has widened in people’s stomachs and the emptiness has spread:
Shortened lives, vanished jobs, lack, absence, pain, loneliness.
The list is terribly long. Pursuing it is hollow work. It consists of striving to show what cannot be seen, of taking circuitous paths to inventory the chaos.
This gap in the word that each visual artist tries to fill in a language of their own. Today, it takes the form of a slideshow in which texts and images respond to each other.



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